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If you have been charged with a DUI in Georgia, you will more than likely go through a very long court process. Going it alone can be a daunting task and you are probably going to face a harsh reality that the State doesn’t care what your life situation is. They will try and “throw the book at you”.

Unfortunately, alternative sentencing options are very limited in Georgia DUI cases. Very few courts will accept an individual charged with DUI into a diversion program. Further, law for DUI cases expressly prohibits First Offender treatment. Your best option for a favorable outcome is to seek a reduction of your DUI to a lesser charge such as Reckless Driving, which does not carry the same stigma as DUI does. Although Reckless Driving is difficult to attain, it is not impossible if there are legal defenses available in your case. As a former prosecutor, we know that if you have representation,  you have a much better chance at getting your charge reduced.

What are the chances my Georgia DUI case will be reduced to a lesser charge?

DUI cases in Georgia are not reduced easily however. Judges and prosecutors do not want the reputation of being “easy” on DUI offenders. Nonetheless, there are times when a good DUI lawyer can get charges reduced to reckless driving. These cases are referred to as “ Getting a reckless” in DUI law circles and do not come without a fight.

There must be a reason that a case gets reduced. There was a time when many first offense DUI cases were reduced to reckless driving. Those days are gone. It takes a full investigation of the case for flaws in the prosecutor’s case in order to get a possible reduction to reckless driving or other alternative sentences.

These cases involve filing motions stating that you were stopped by police without a valid reason, or that your blood or breath test results were invalid. The Howard Law Group will work with you to then present these arguments before a judge. The judge may use their discretion to continue with the DUI charges. Going to court and winning the trial is the best way to keep DUI charges from affecting your permanent record.

If you or someone you know has been arrested in Georgia on a DUI Charge, contact us ASAP. We are here to help. Don’t go it ALONE!

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