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Georgia dui laws are tough. If you have been arrested on a first DUI in Georgia, then you already know how tough the laws really are. However, having a prior DUI conviction doesn’t mean you you are spending the rest of  your life in jail. It just means you better have a Georgia DUI Lawyer. Georgia law does not favor individuals with prior DUI convictions. Even if your prior DUI charge in Georgia was reduced to reckless driving or thrown out completely, it is common for Georgia prosecutors and judges to hold that charge against you when they consider your case and a plea offer. If you are considered a repeat DUI offender, your case will often be expedited and evaluated for eligibility of their stringent DUI Court treatment program. Also consider the cost of a repeat Georgia DUI. People often think it’s the same as the First one. It won’t be.

Choosing DUI Court is a hefty decision plagued with many pitfalls. In addition to the above, if there are prior DUI convictions on your record they can lead to a felony consideration of new DUI charges and may result in significantly higher recommendations from Georgia prosecutors in regard to jail time and probation penalties. As a Former DUI Prosecutor Bryan Howard has defended DUI cases throughout Georgia. His aggressive litigation makes all the difference.
First Georgia DUI
Second Georgia DUI
Third Georgia DUI

First DUI in Georgia:

If this is your first DUI in Georgia, you have the most options. Your Georgia DUI Attorney can investigate your case, enter into plea negotiations, argue motion hearings, or go to trial. If this is your first DUI you are not likely to face severe additional consequences even if you go to trial and win your lose your case.

Second DUI in Georgia:

A second DUI in Georgia is a serious matter. You are facing increased punishment and loss of your drivers for at least a year. You are also facing the prospect of having the stigma of being a multiple offender. You may also be sentenced to attend a Georgia DUI Court Program. These programs are supervised treatment programs. The programs are supervised by the Court and the sentencing judge.

Third DUI in Georgia:

If you are convicted of a third DUI in Georgia the stakes are very high. If convicted you will be declared an Habitual Violator and banned from driving for up to 5 years. If you are caught driving you will be charged with Driving after being declared an Habitual Violator. That charge is Felony in Georgia with the potential punishments including 1-5 years in prison.


Prior DUI convictions can also lead to “high and aggravated” treatment of misdemeanor charges which present other challenges. High and aggravated misdemeanor charges are generally ineligible for “good time” early release credit during jail sentences. ( no 2 for 1 credit ). That is why it’s important to see if there is a way to keep the DUI off your record or get it reduced to a lessor offense such as reckless driving. If the case cannot be reduced, it’s important to have the best possible plea bargain negotiated in your case. Contact our office now to begin your defense.

If you or someone you know has been arrested in Georgia on a DUI, contact the Howard Law Group ASAP. We are here to help.

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