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We get a lot of questions asking “what is Georgia PreTrial Diversion”? If you have been charged with a Georgia DUI a pretrail diversion program maybe offered. If available, a Georgia Pretrial Diversion Program allows you to complete certain requirements in a specified time period and once completed, the charges will be dismissed and potentially eligible for expungement from your criminal record. If your case is resolved by participation in the Pretrial Diversion Program, because the charges are dismissed upon completion no conviction will be entered in the case and you can honestly state that you have never been convicted of that offense. Furthermore, because convictions for some offenses may initiate additional consequences outside of the jurisdiction of the court – such as the suspension of your driver’s license by the Georgia Department of Driver Services – those additional penalties may be prevented if the case is dismissed upon completion of the program.

Common requirements of the program are the payment of a fine or program fee, probation, community service, attendance at a personal development seminar, alcohol awareness course, or an Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction course. Some courses can be completed online while others are developed and run through the court or a private organization. If the offender is a juvenile, they may also be asked to write an essay that details what they have learned from the experience. The requirements in each case are typically tailored to the original offense and are designed to both punish and educate the offender to prevent the person from committing the same or other offenses in the future.

What kind of case qualifies for Pretrial Diversion in Georgia?

If the charge was a traffic violation, the program may require attendance at a defensive driving course, driver improvement class, or a Risk Reduction course if the offense was drug or alcohol related.

What Are the Benefits of Completing Pretrial Diversion?

if the requirements of the Pretrial Diversion Program are completed successfully, the original charges are dismissed and no conviction will be entered in the case. If the prosecutor agrees, the charges may also be eligible for expungement. An expungement does not happen as a matter of course and the offender must complete an application to initiate the expungement process.

If you have been arrested on a Georgia DUI and this is your first offense, you may qualify. Contact the Howard Law Group ASAP so we can start on your case. Remember, the earlier you contact us, the better the chances we get your case dismissed.

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