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Being arrested on a Georgia DUI isn’t fun for anyone. It’s embarrassing, and can get complicated depending on what Georgia DUI Charge has been laid against you. It will also certainly be a long process. With the help of a Georgia DUI Lawyer, the outcome could have much better results than you trying to defend yourself on your own. Starting with the Georgia DUI Bail Process, the Howard Law Group can see you through it.

For a DUI arrest, you will possibly get released in a relatively short amount of time by posting bail or being released “on your own recognizance.” With bail, a family member, companion or bail bondsman pays an amount to have you released and in effect promises that you will report to court for listed proceedings: your arraignment, preliminary hearing, pre-trial motions, and the trial are all possibilities. With a bail bondsman, a portion of the bail – usually 10 percent – is compensated for your discharge and you sign a “bond” that you will make your court appearances.

If you do not make your scheduled appearance, the bondsman must pay the full amount of your bond to the court, after which a hunt for you begins. A warrant is issued for your arrest, and workers of the bail bonds corporation, often called “bounty hunters,” attempt to find you to collect their money as well. The amount of bail set is determined by your criminal history, the significance of the offense, and whether you are a known member of the neighborhood in which you were detained with family and business ties. Bail can be refused if you are considered a flight risk.

If you are released “on your own recognizance,” the court has reason to believe you are a responsible citizen and will make your listed court appearances. Your criminal history and the seriousness of the crime are taken into consideration. You sign a statement that you will not disappear the area, and you might be required to stay in contact with court officials on a regular basis until your scheduled hearings. If you fail to make your court appearance after being released on your own reconnaissance, a warrant is issued for your detainment.

If you or someone you know, has been arrested on a Georgia DUI, please contact the Howard Law Group. As a Former Prosecutor, we understand the system and know how the State will react to your first court visit. You don’t need to go it alone

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