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Often people driving around the Atlanta Metro Area think “It won’t happen to me”. Meaning, being pulled over while driving intoxicated. Being  pulled over in Atlanta for a DUI happens to the best of people.  No profession is immune from a Atlanta DUI Arrest. Here is some general Atlanta DUI Charge Information that ALL Atlanta drivers need to know.

DUI laws in Atlanta take Driving Under the Influence seriously and impose harsh punishment for anyone convicted.

People facing DUI charges are usually discouraged from even talking to an attorney because they believe the case against them is open and shut. But that is just NOT true. There are many successful defenses to the prosecution of a DUI case that the Howard Law Group is trained to look for and exploit.

Protections under the Law: 

While Atlanta drunken driving laws are strict, many Atlanta DUI laws and process requirements provide options for building a strong defense, including the following:

  • Constitutional protections governing rights of the individual during the initial stop, information gathered at the scene, and evidence admissibility at trial
  • Protections under Atlanta DUI law surrounding scientific issues involving the breath or blood test, included absorption rates and the impact of prescription drugs
  • Recognition of the subjectivity of the arresting officer’s observations and diligence in completing the written report of the incident

Your chances for an acquittal are not hopeless if your Atlanta DUI lawyer has strong experience defending charges based on drunken driving law in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. The Howard Law Group has the resources and skills to investigate every aspect of your stop and arrest to find the best options for your defense.

Understanding DUI Law in Atlanrta is key to every defense

As a Former Prosecutor we understand the complex details of DUI law in Atlanta and know how to look at the individual circumstances of each case to build a strong defense. Our firm has helped countless clients facing DUI charges and can do the same for you.

If you or someone you know had been arrested in Atlanta on a DUI Charge. You are going to know some Atlanta DUI Charge Information. Contact us for a Free Consultation and we can sit down with you, and guide you through the process. Don’t go it ALONE!

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